* According to Ibnul Humam (R.A) the mehr-e-Fatimi is four hundred dirhams. (1224g of silver) (Mirqaat V.6 Pg.246)

* Mulla Ali Qari (R.A) states in Mirqaat that the mehr-e-Fatimi is four hundred mithqaal of silver. (1750g) (ibid)

* Mufti Muhammed Shafi’s (R.A) verdict is that mehr-e-Fatimi is five hundred dirhams. (Imdadul Muftein V.3-4 Pg.1-2)

* Mufti MahmoodHasan Gangohi (R.A) has also stipulated mehr-e- Fatimi to be five hundred dirhams. (+132 tolas=1540g) (Fataawa Mahmoodia V.11 Pg.201) At times his verdict was four hundred mithqaal (+132 tolas=1750g) (Nizam Kanpur –July 1965)

* Moulana SiddiqueAhmed Banwi rahas stipulated the mehr-e-fatimi to be four hundred mithqaal, (150 tolas=1750g) (fadhaail Nikah Pg.31) and Moulana Burhanuddin Sambali has also preferred this view.

* Mufti AbdurRahim Lachpori writes: “The preferred and more cautious view is that the mehr-e-Fatimi be calculated upon 150 tolas of silver.” (1750g) (Fataawa Rahimia V.6 Pg.445)

From the above mentioned views one can understand the extent of difference of opinion amongst the Scholars and Akabir Ulema. There even exists a difference of opinion amongst the Ulema and Muftis as to which view should be given preference to. Furthermore no narration has been found to be substantiate that mehr-e-Fatimi was definitely five hundred dirhams, as stated by the head Mufti of Darul Uloom-Hyderabad, Mufti Muhammed Yahya Qasmi. (Bath wa Nazr Pg.107)